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Maya "Makes-Hearts-Weep" McCallahan

gothpunk moondancer werewolf

31 October
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This is a fictional character created for the LJ Werewolf games emeraldshadows and emerald_facets.


Maya stands about 5'8" tall and is a solid 140 pounds. Her hair is dandelion-fuzz short with the exception of her long, braided and beaded bangs. Her skin is fair without the aid of any clownish makeup, although she does accent her large hazel eyes with black eyeliner and she wears dark-red lipstick. She has a couple of piercings in each ear, but she eschews the "kewl" statement of showing how "hard core" you are by having 18 million holes in your face. Generally she dresses in tight black T-shirts, a leather jacket, jeans and Doc Marten boots.

Maya is fairly attractive, but she's not supermodel material. She really shines when she begins to sing, though; her voice is passionate and hypnotic, and she earned her name Makes-Hearts-Weep by her ability to move people to tears with her songs. She was born to be a Galliard, a Moondancer, a singer of lore.

Maya is quick to anger--a primal rage boils just under the surface of her personality--but just as quick to cool down. She is a fast friend, intensely loyal to anyone who earns her respect, and she will do anything to help someone she cares about. Although she doesn't fancy herself an "alpha wolf," she feels that she could be a good second-in-command. She's not nearly as angst-ridden as her goth/deathrocker appearance would cause people to presume; her saving grace through difficult times has been that emotions move through her quickly and tend to come out more as rage at the world than rage at herself. Maya likes a good joke, and her sense of humor ranges from the crude to the eloquent. She has a good command of the English language and likes to write songs (including songs that taunt people who deserve a good taunting).


The photo used for this character's user icon is a re-colored version of a photo of noirilluminati that I found in mohawked_people. As this is the journal of a fictional character in an online roleplay game and I am not attempting to represent this photo as myself, I hope it will not cause any drama if someone accidentally stumbles upon it.